Ohio Family 2 Family Provides Education to the Bhutanese/Nepali Population in Ohio (UC UCEDD)

It is estimated that the Bhutanese population in Ohio is close to 15,000. Approximately 99% of these individuals are on Medicaid.

IMG_20161001_103717The Asian Community Alliance in Ohio provides culturally sensitive programs and services to empower and strengthen family & community through awareness, collaboration & advocacy and has been working with this population for years. The Alliance recently identified a need in the Bhutanese population related to education on The Affordable Care Act and Medicaid and approached Ohio Family 2 Family to provide this information.

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Hope for Families Experiencing Homelessness in Cincinnati

HomelessProjectSoon families experiencing homelessness in Cincinnati may be receiving an essential, game-changing resource: childcare. Every family needs good, reliable childcare options to secure and maintain employment, and families experiencing homelessness are no different. However, understanding the high-priority nature of this need required some research. So the LEND team (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities) at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) sat down with caregivers experiencing homelessness to truly understand their perspective and most pressing needs.

Cincinnati Ballet Partners with CCHMC’s LEND Team to offer a Sensory-Friendly Nutcracker Performance

Sometimes children with sensory sensitivities miss out on events like ballets and plays where noises and lights can be overwhelming. The Cincinnati Ballet wants to change that, and make the magic of The Nutcracker available to everyone. On December 22, for the first time in its history, the Cincinnati Ballet is offering a special sensory-friendly performance of The Nutcracker for families of individuals with sensory sensitivities.

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