Transition Booster Financial Planning Video Recording

Would you like to learn more about how to plan for the financial future of youth and young adults with developmental disabilities and/or complex medical needs?

Click here to view the video recording from a transition booster session from June on Financial Planning.

In this session you will learn:

-How life insurance and long term care insurance can protect your family and allow you to retire
-How to safeguard funds for your child’s future without endangering their benefits
-About different Estate Planning options that work best for your situation
-About Special Needs Trusts – the difference between First Party and Third Party
-About the Letter of Intent, which is a necessary companion to Special Needs Trusts



Tuesday, June 6 is a Day of Action. The new American Health Care Act (AHCA) cuts over $800 billion from Medicaid. The proposed per capita caps and cuts will have consequences for people w/disabilities & seniors. Join us on June 6 to educate Congress about what cuts and caps REALLY means. Use this toolkit to participate in a Day of Action to #SaveMedicaid, no matter where you are.