DODD publishes new toolkits

DODD is developing toolkits for families to reference as they traverse through DD systems. These resources offer families and people with disabilities a simple place to find information on specific content of interest to them.  A Guardianship and Alternatives Toolkit and Developmental Disabilities Services Toolkit have been released. ‘Medicaid State Plan’ and ‘Your Rights’ toolkits are forthcoming soon, with many others coming in the months ahead.

Assistance Beta Testing Decision Making Tool

The Stanford Health Literacy Lab is looking for help in beta testing a Decision Guide for Families with Special Needs. This interactive, educational Guide for Parents of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs, is intended to help parents make sense of back-to-school decisions. We know that most people have already had to make a decision about going back to school, but we anticipate that these decisions may change or will have to be made repeatedly, so your feedback is important. Please access the Decision Guide here.