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Cincinnati Transition Booster Sessions 2021

In this session attendees will learn about being safe online: how to deal with online friendships, dating and other interactions on social media. Speakers will also discuss proactive strategies to stay safe in the community, prepare for interacting with strangers, encounters with law enforcement and dealing with emergencies.


Amanda Tipkemper, HEIDT Center of Excellence, TJ Nestheide, Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services (HCDDS), Anne Tapia, Regional Autism Advisory Council (RAAC), Darrell Prewitt, Fairfield Township Police Department


Previous Transition Booster Sessions 2020

In this session you will learn how to support youth with Developmental Disabilities (DD) in gaining pre-employment skills, such as how to complete tasks and interact with others, that will prepare them for success in the workforce.

Speakers:    Celia Schloemer & Erin Riehle, CCHMC 

In this session you will learn how to qualify for SSI beginning at age 18 when parents’ income/resources no longer count; about Disabled Adult Child (DAC) benefits for those disabled before age 22; about Social Security makes a medical decision for an adult vs. a child; about the application process and appeals process; how Medicare and Medicaid work with the disability programs; and about working while disabled and Social Security’s many work incentives.

Speakers: Kelly Draggoo & Theresa Busher, Social Security Administration

Slides – Social Security Disability: What You Need to Know

In this session you will learn what Guardianship is, what other options exist, and why it is important to think carefully about this decision; develop a better understanding of the legal considerations and process; see examples of county probate court forms and applications and become more prepared and empowered with resources to make informed decisions about your loved one’s life

Speakers: Andrew Brennan, Disability Rights Ohio; Jane Gerhardt, Family Member; Lisa Portune, Family Member

In this session you will learn about the differences between the pediatric and adult health care systems; preparing for a successful transition from pediatric to adult healthcare providers and how to successfully navigate the adult healthcare world. 

Speakers: Jason Woodward, MD, CCHMC; Abby Nye, MD & Lauren Wang, MD, UC Physicians

In this session, we will discuss the rationale for providing comprehensive health and sex education to exceptional learners, review some current research and facts related to relationships, sexuality and safety, share our experiences in teaching health and sex education concepts to young adults and adults with DD and discuss available curriculums and resources.

Speakers: Amanda Tipkemper, HEIDT Center of Excellence & TJ Nestheide, HCDDS

Ohio F2F Transition Booster Sessions



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