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Cincinnati Transition Booster Sessions 2020

In this session you will learn how to support youth with Developmental Disabilities (DD) in gaining pre-employment skills, such as how to complete tasks and interact with others, that will prepare them for success in the workforce.

Speakers: Celia Schloemer & Erin Riehle, CCHMC

In this session you will learn how to qualify for SSI beginning at age 18 when parents’ income/resources no longer count; about Disabled Adult Child (DAC) benefits for those disabled before age 22; about Social Security makes a medical decision for an adult vs. a child; about the application process and appeals process; how Medicare and Medicaid work with the disability programs; and about working while disabled and Social Security’s many work incentives.

Speakers: Kelly Draggoo & Theresa Busher, Social Security Administration

Slides – Social Security Disability: What You Need to Know

In this session you will learn what Guardianship is, what other options exist, and why it is important to think carefully about this decision; develop a better understanding of the legal considerations and process; see examples of county probate court forms and applications and become more prepared and empowered with resources to make informed decisions about your loved one’s life

Speakers: Andrew Brennan, Disability Rights Ohio; Jane Gerhardt, Family Member; Lisa Portune, Family Member

In this session you will learn about the differences between the pediatric and adult health care systems; preparing for a successful transition from pediatric to adult healthcare providers and how to successfully navigate the adult healthcare world. 

Speakers: Jason Woodward, MD, CCHMC; Abby Nye, MD & Lauren Wang, MD, UC Physicians

Ohio F2F Transition Booster Sessions



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