Ilka Riddle, PhD
UCCEDD Director
Associate Professor
Email: |Phone: (513) 803-3620

Kara Ayers, PhD
UCCEDD Associate Director
Assistant Professor
Email: |Phone: (513) 803-4402

Jen Smith, PsyD, BCBA-D
LEND Program Director
Associate Professor
Email: | Email: (513) 803-2365

Stephanie Weber, PsyD
LEND Training Director
Assistant Professor
Email: | Phone: (513) 803-3630
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Amy Clawson
Family Information and Resource Specialist, Ohio F2F
Email: | Phone: (844) 644-6323, option 3
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Erica Coleman, MS, CHES, TTS
Health Activities Coordinator
Email: | Phone: (513) 803-4399

Marion Cosgrove Rauch
Program Coordinator,
Southwestern Ohio Family Specialist
Family Information and Resource Specialist, Ohio F2F
Ohio Parent to Parent Coordinator  
Email: | Phone: (513) 803-5557
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Anna Ficker
LEND Administrative Assistant
Email: | Phone: (513) 803-5383

Lynne Fogel
Family Information and Resource Specialist, Ohio F2F
Email: | Phone: (844) 644-6323, option 2
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Jane Gerhardt
LEND Policy Specialist
Email: | Phone: (513) 636-8395
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Vicki Hennessy
LEND Data Coordinator
Email: | Phone: (513) 803-3627

Rachel Miller
Communications Coordinator
Email: |Phone: (513) 636-0541

Celia Schloemer
Family Support Coordinator
Email: | Phone: (513) 636-4723

Leah Smith
Project Coordinator, Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities
Email: | Phone: (806) 239-5582

Laura Srivorakiat, PsyD
UCCEDD Training Specialist
Email: | Phone: (513) 803-3629
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Molly Sawyer, PhD
LEND Parent Coordinator
Email: | Phone: (513) 803-3364
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Elizabeth Trenkamp
Family Navigator
Email: | Phone: (513) 803-3847

Jennifer Walsh
Specialist- Project Management
Email: | Phone:(513) 803-0653
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Krushawna Harper
Ohio P2P Facilitator/Educator
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