Parent Speaker

Hearing from families outside of the clinical setting is vital to the development of family-centered care skills. You will have approximately ten (10) minutes to share your story. This will allow time for questions from the trainees after all panelists have spoken. You will be speaking to a group of approximately 25-30 trainees.

If this opportunity interests you, please email Molly Sawyer. You may not need to address all of the questions listed below, but they provide a structure for sharing your story. Please share your perspective on those that you feel would give the trainees the best understanding of your unique experiences raising a child with a disability. You may address pertinent topics not listed here, if you feel they would increase the trainees’ understanding of your perspective. (Concrete examples are always helpful.)

Please begin by providing a brief introduction to your child and family, along with your child’s age and diagnosis.

  • What are the greatest challenges you have faced in raising your child?
  • How has your child’s behavior impacted your family?
  • How have you advocated for your child when working with others?
  • How have healthcare providers helped?
  • How can healthcare providers better support families?