COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization Dashboard

This dashboard was created as a partnership between the Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center and the Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities as a starting point for understanding how the disability community is prioritized in COVID-19 vaccine distribution and intends to help people with disabilities determine when they qualify for a COVID-19 vaccine in their state.

More about the tool here

More on the seven women who developed the tool here

Act Early Ohio Social Media Influencers: Spreading Awareness About Developmental Monitoring in a Virtual World

Act Early Ohio has leveraged social media platforms of Ohio caregivers to share material and information about the CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” campaign. Caregivers experienced in developmental monitoring were interviewed and selected to become our Act Early Ohio Social Media Influencers. Through the various recruitment methods, they have connected with caregivers to increase the reach across all 5 regions in Ohio. The influencers create posts using the Act Early materials and share Act Early Ohio posts.

The aim is to have the influencers share on their personal platforms so their already established network of friends and family may be more comfortable and willing to use the tools. During the holiday season, influencer’s coordinated with staff at The Cincinnati Zoo, and Santa’s reading of “Amazing Me: It’s Busy Being 3!” was published on the Act Early Ohio Facebook page where it had over 42,000 views! By having the influencers share and post to reach those within their own communities, we can encourage caregiver engagement in developmental monitoring!

Two New Emergency Responders Videos

Many individuals with disabilities and their caregivers have questions for Emergency Responders about what to do or what happens in case of an emergency and/or rescue situation. The opposite is also true for Emergency Responders and how to best interact with caregivers or individuals who have disabilities they may or may not be familiar with or trained to assist.

The following animated videos are an attempt at recreating the “discussion” between these two groups. In the first video, emergency responders answer questions from individuals with disabilities and caregivers. In the second video individuals with disabilities and caregivers answer questions from emergency responders.

First Responders Answer Questions from Individuals with Disabilities

Individuals with Disabilities Answer Questions from First Responders