Call for Stories: Snapshots of Our Lives

The National Organizing Project, a collaboration between ADAPT and NCIL, is asking for your help in collecting stories that we can use on the Hill talking with legislators.

Stories about Community Living

We are looking for are stories depicting the importance of Community Living. We would like to be able to use these stories when talking about the Disability Integration Act, the Empower Care Act, the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Settings Rule, Money Follows the Person, and other related legislation and policies aimed at ending the institutional bias. We are looking for:

  • Stories from people stuck in facilities waiting to get out
  • Successful transitions out of nursing homes or other institutional facilities to the community (please include specific programs that were used, including HCBS Waiver programs, Money Follows the Person, etc.)
  • Successful diversions from facilities through use of HCBS Waivers and related services, and
  • Stories from people on waiting lists for services.

Stories about the ADA

We are also looking for stories about the Americans with Disabilities Act. We are looking for:

  • Stories about persistent access barriers that are preventing full participation, and
  • Stories about how the ADA has allowed folks to live fully included lives in the community.

While we recognize that there are many areas of access that need addressing, currently we are focusing on Title III (physical access to public spaces) because of the recent threats to Title III of the ADA with “notice and cure” type bills. If you are sending a story about physical access barriers, please send a picture with your story if possible.

Our goal is to get at least three stories for each topic per legislator. You can help us reach that goal!

Please send stories to Please include your first name (or initials), your city and state, the names of your Senators and Representative, a photo (preferred but optional), and 2-3 paragraphs concisely telling your story. Please also note that we are regularly meeting with legislators and may contact you for stories before the 15th in order to bring those stories into meetings with us.

Interoception: The Eighth Sensory Sense

You’re Invited to Join the Regional Autism Advisory Council in Learning about Interoception!

What is Interoception? Interoception helps us to ‘feel’ body signals like a growling stomach, tense muscles or speeding heart. Our ability to clearly feel these internal body signals enables us to accurately identify and manage our own emotions as well as understand the emotions of other people. Many individuals with autism, ADHD, depression, trauma and anxiety disorders have significant challenges with interoception. This presentation will provide an overview of interoception, as well as how it impacts the development of self-regulation, language, social participation and emotional well-being.

Wednesday, October 3 More information
Thursday, October 4 More information

Pre-Employment Transition Services

The Center for Independent Living Options and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities provide free, accessible, one-on-one self-advocacy services for students on an IEP, ETR or 504 and between the ages of 14-21 throughout Hamilton, Butler and Clermont counties. Find more information here.