Assistance Beta Testing Decision Making Tool

The Stanford Health Literacy Lab is looking for help in beta testing a Decision Guide for Families with Special Needs. This interactive, educational Guide for Parents of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs, is intended to help parents make sense of back-to-school decisions. We know that most people have already had to make a decision about going back to school, but we anticipate that these decisions may change or will have to be made repeatedly, so your feedback is important. Please access the Decision Guide here.

Emergency Preparedness Resources

These resources will assist individuals with disabilities in preparing for disasters. Regional and FEMA (government) resources are also included in all three brochures.

Creating an Emergency Preparedness Plan with Your Caregiver: This resource focuses on the importance of discussing emergency planning between individuals and their caregivers. Sheltering in Place, Community Sheltering and Evacuating are all covered in this resource.

Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities: Impact Areas of Disasters. This resource discusses 10 areas of an individual’s life that would be affected in the event of an emergency. Information about receiving alerts and a review of Smart 911 is also included.

Creating Your Emergency KitThis resource provides individuals with information regarding the importance of having an emergency kit. A list of items to include in a kit and a checklist of what to do to be prepared is also provided.

Cincinnati Art Museum Accessibility COVID survey and listening sessions

The Cincinnati Art Museum strives for inclusivity by increasing accessibility to its collection, programming and resources. The museum seeks to eliminate barriers by accommodating the individual needs of all visitors.

We want to know what we can do better. Below are two ways you can help the Cincinnati Art Museum be more accessible to visitors of all abilities. 

Take a COVID related accessibility survey:

You may have taken our accessibility survey at the beginning of 2020.  If so, thank you! As you know, a lot has changed since the beginning of this year, so we would appreciate your views about how COVID-19 has influenced your relationship to the museum.  Please take the new survey by clicking this link. If you need assistance with the survey, contact Cailtin at

Join a Virtual Listening Session:

The Cincinnati Art Museum wants to hear from individuals who have disabilities to improve your museum visit. Please consider attending one of our hour-long virtual listening sessions, led by an outside evaluator, on the following dates and times:

  • Saturday, September 12 10-11am
  • Sunday, September 13 1-2pm
  • Sunday, September 13 7-8pm
  • Tuesday, September 15 10-11am
  • Wednesday, September 16 7-8pm
  • Saturday, September 19 3-4pm

We need your help answering these questions:

  • Do you feel welcome at the Cincinnati Art Museum?
  • If yes, what makes you feel welcome at the museum?
  • If you don’t feel welcome at the museum, what can we improve for you to enjoy the exhibitions, increase access around the museum, and do what you need to do during your visit?

If you are an individual with a disability, or a caregiver of an individual with a disability, please consider joining us. To sign up for one of our listening sessions, click here. For more information, or to register by phone, contact Mary Ann at at  or call 513. 639.2901.

Thank you so much for your time and any feedback you are willing to provide!