Northeast Ohio Success with Transition Booster Sessions

Southwest Ohio’s Transition Booster sessions have been such a success and gained in popularity that the folks in Northeast Ohio thought they’d try it. Their first session was in March where they had almost 100 people in attendance and that has continued for the last couple of sessions.

According to Amy Clawson, who is coordinating these sessions, “The response has been amazing. The audience seems hungry for the information, knowledge and resources. Our planning team is very passionate and has been the yolk in this project. We are pleased to offer the transition boosters in the Northeast Ohio area!”

Here’s what a couple of attendees had to say about the sessions:

“Love this! Thank you to everyone who put it together and helped make it free. We are a low-income family and paying for an information session is hard. Thank you!”

“The session reminded me to not leave the bar set too low for my boys, that they can achieve if they have the opportunity to see for themselves how their dreams and desires can be combined with their strength and skills. It’s hard to remember that our job as parents is to become obsolete and to help our children become independent so they don’t need us anymore. Having someone else reaffirm this was helpful.”

If you’re interested in learning more about upcoming sessions, visit the Family 2 Family facebook page,

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