Jane Gerhardt, LEND bio

My first career was as a litigator for a mid-sized Cincinnati firm but after our third child was born, I decided to stay home to be a full-time mom.  I came to LEND as a family trainee in 2013 (our middle child has Down syndrome).   The policy aspect of the program was so fascinating to me that I wasn’t ready to leave and was lucky enough to be hired on to continue studying all the intersections of public policy with disability and to share that passion with LEND trainees.  I’m responsible for informing staff, faculty and trainees of the ways in which current public policy impacts our patients, families, careers and lives.

I understand that government and politics can be a challenging and maybe even boring topic to many.  I enjoy helping trainees understand that public policy isn’t remote; what happens at all levels of government has a real impact on their patients.  Trainees learn how they can have a voice in the making of these policy decisions. 

During my free time I exercise, cook, read, volunteer and spend a whole lot of time driving my daughter to her various activities.