How to send supplies to areas hit by Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma

AUCD’s participation in disaster response efforts continues in partnership with FEMA’s Office of Disability Integration and Coordination, Portlight Strategies, the Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies, Pass It On Center, AT3 Center, and AUCD’s Emergency Preparedness SIG, along with many other national and local organizations and governmental agencies. Thanks to the many of you who prepared durable medical equipment and related supplies to send to areas hit by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Information is now available regarding how/where to send these to people who lost their equipment and supplies in the flooding.

All information is available on the hurricane response page of the Pass It On Center’s website, including:

  • An online portal to match organizations donating equipment with organizations receiving equipment: this portal helps ensure that equipment and supplies ready to send are also ready to be received, and match identified needs.
  • Instructional videos showing how to repair and sanitize wheelchairs being donated: follow these instructions to ensure that equipment being sent can be safely used
  • Downloadable equipment return labels: print these out and stick them on equipment being sent to help ensure the equipment does not interfere with the recipient’s ability to receive new equipment if eligible through Medicare, Medicaid, or other insurance plans
  • Instructions for shipping: the UPS Foundation is offering in-kind shipping to National VOAD members for response and recovery operations. Join your state/territory Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD), if you haven’t already, as part of your emergency preparedness activities and to participate in this in-kind shipping opportunity.

Thank you for your efforts to support people with disabilities and special health care needs who were impacted by these disasters.

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