Family Support

UCCEDD facilitates and leads a number of family support activities, workshops, and trainings on topics of importance to families of children and adults with disabilities. Health, education, and service systems can be extremely challenging for families to navigate. Below you’ll find more information on how UCCEDD staff identify these challenges and provide resources to families and information to professionals.

Celia Schloemer, Family Support Coordinator

What I do: Offer support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their family members in managing and understanding state and local systems, including medical, educational and community systems; provide community trainings for caregivers and professionals on advocacy and navigating service systems; provide 1:1 short-term support via phone and email

Areas of expertise: School advocacy (IEPs/504 plans), community resources, transition support, support coordination, Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome support, housing, transportation, legal issues, Charting the LifeCourse trainer, Ohio LifeCourse Ambassador

Population served: Lifespan

Contact Information: 513-636-4723,

Marion Cosgrove Rauch, Family Information and Resource Specialist

What I do: Provide 1:1 family support via phone, email, in-person meetings and community trainings on healthcare related topics

Areas of expertise: Family support, navigating healthcare, health insurance, community resources

Population served: Individuals with special health care needs ages 0-26 and their families

Contact Information: 1-844-644-6323 or 1-844-Ohio-F2f,,