DD Awareness Day, Marion

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day

Each year in March, National Disability Awareness month is celebrated. This year’s theme is “Side by Side”. This theme was continued at the Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day, where they also added, “Hand in Hand” and “Heart to Heart”. People with and without disabilities working, going to school, playing and participating in their communities together.

On March 8, hundreds of advocates people gathered at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus to advocate policy issues that impact the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Attendees met with policymakers to educate them about how state government services and policies can be improved, expanded or strengthened.

Our LEND trainees traveled to Columbus to attend this event and put the knowledge they’ve been learning into action. Here’s what they had to say about the event.

Marion: I thoroughly enjoyed DD Awareness Day. It was a completely new experience for me. The presentation that kicked off the day was quite inspiring, both in terms of the speakers/performers and the audience itself. It was wonderful to see such a huge crowd of people with disabilities, as well as those that care for them, come together.

We met with staffer Christopher Dalton, who asked good questions and was very attentive. We discussed transportation issues, salaries for caregivers, and the woefully long waits for waivers and what that can mean for families.

Overall, it was a day filled with energy and interest. I think that this was an important part of the total LEND experience and am very glad to have been a part of it.