Maureen’s letter

Here is one success story of how Ohio Family to Family works together with families and their teams…

Good afternoon,

It was about a year ago that I was in conference calls with all of you. It was a tough process and I was terrified each time we spoke. I cried after every single call with you. I felt so exhausted from the fight.
I’m not sure how often people come back to say thank you, and I wanted to be one of those people. One of the grateful ones. I told you that I wouldn’t take for granted the care he received because you all came together. He was just another case number and another conference call and another meeting I’m sure none of you wanted.
But if you could see him today…if you could look at him and see the difference you made I’m positive he’d go from being a case number to being Chase.
Kennedy Krieger was life changing. The ability to do a reset. To find a medicine and wait for it to stabilize. To create a behavior program and watch Pica near disappear in your child. There are no words.
Kennedy Krieger told me Chase will always struggle. He’ll always be aggressive and self-injurious. It’s tough when you hear that from the best of the best.
But they also told me he’s smart and so capable of growth. And those are the words I hold onto.
Thank you for helping Chase.
Our family can sit in a car together. We can eat at a restaurant. We can go for a walk around the block. We can squish together on a bed and watch TV. All things that most people take for granted. And it’s because you allowed him the chance that we get to experience this.
Thank you.
-Maureen Box