Disaster Preparedness Videos

Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities and their Caregivers: This video features Erica Coleman from the UCCEDD and Emily Johnson, from Hamilton County Emergency Management. Erica and Emily discuss how to prepare for the 10 Impact Areas of Disasters, Create an Emergency Plan with the assistance of a caregiver, and understand the necessary steps for sheltering in place, community sheltering, and evacuating,

Disaster Preparedness: A Discussion with Frank and his Caregiver, Danielle: In this video, viewers will hear firsthand how a self-advocate and his caregiver have discussed the planning process in the event of an emergency situation. During this conversation, Erica asks Frank and Danielle how they have planned, what specific needs they have, and how they manage a variety of caregivers and situations in which Frank may need assistance.

You can find the videos here

UCCEDD’s Response to Current Events

In view of the most current events and the blatant as well as underlying and systemic racism that people of color experience in our country, the UCCEDD stands in support of all of our stakeholders, family members, self-advocates, children, youth and adults with disabilities, colleagues and friends to address racism, injustice and inequities. Our vision statement clearly states that we envision a future in which “all people, including children and adults living with disabilities, … , fully participate in society and live healthy, safe, self-determined and productive lives.” While our focus is on people with developmental disabilities, we acknowledge that our vision for a just future cannot be achieved in a racist world.

Our UCCEDD is committed to working as a team to recognize and dismantle systems that support racism while actively supporting each other and the people we serve to acknowledge, honor, and appreciate differences. We are with you.