Autism & Special Needs Night at the Newport Aquarium

Thursday, October 4, 6-10pm

For this special event, sound and lighting accommodations have been made to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone. Sensory Level guides on Touch, Sight and Sound will be provided, as well as designated calming area.

Tickets are $18.99 (+tax) per person *If you are an annual passholder, contact Laura to RSVP, 859-815-1478
Pre-registration is required, Order online
Personal care attendants with valid ID may enter at no additional cost.


Zoo Access for All Day Recap

Zoo Access for All

Over 5,000 people were in the park on Tuesday, August 14. Much of the attendance was due to the excitement created around what the zoo is doing to make things more accessible.

Dr. Jen Smith, LEND Director, said, “We walked around the zoo with one of our occupational therapists who has done an amazing job designing a map to identify some of those areas (areas that might be overwhelming for kids with disabilities), just so that the families can be prepared for what they’re going to experience at the zoo.”

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More information about what the zoo has done and continues to do to make the zoo more accessible