LEND Program Family Opportunities

The LEND program has long recognized the value of including family members of individuals with developmental disabilities in its interdisciplinary training of future healthcare leaders. By providing their unique perspective, family members help ensure that policies and practices reflect a commitment to family-centered care. If you are a family member of someone with a disability and are motivated by your experiences to improve systems of service for people with disabilities and their families, we offer three ways for you to participate in our LEND program:

LEND Program Description
Learn more about the LEND program.

Share Your Experiences with LEND Trainees
Share your experiences and expertise with the trainees at program lectures.

Mentor LEND Trainees
Spend time with trainees in your home and out in the community.

Become a LEND Family Trainee
Take your advocacy skills to the next level by being a LEND Family Trainee.