UCEDD works to ensure that the human and legal rights of people with disabilities and their family members are promoted and protected so that we may all benefit from a fully inclusive community. UCEDD empowers people with disabilities to develop self-advocacy skills through a commitment to include the perspectives of individuals with disabilities in every facet of planning, education, and policy development. UCEDD also provides training and information dissemination related to policies that may impact individuals with disabilities.

UCEDD Public Policies of Interest

UCEDD monitors a number of legislative issues at a local, state, and national level. UCEDD Policy Briefs are currently under development. The selection of laws, policies, or regulations selected for these accessible summaries will be based on interest from our CAC members and other members of our community. If you would like to suggest a policy or regulation to be the topic of a UCEDD Policy Brief, please contact Kara Ayers at

Photo caption: Ohio disability rights advocates meet with Senator Portman’s staff to discuss the CRPD.