Family Support

UCCEDD facilitates and leads a number of family support activities, workshops, and trainings on topics of importance to families of children and adults with disabilities. Health, education, and service systems can be extremely challenging for families to navigate. UCCEDD’s Family Support Coordinator identifies these challenges and provides resources to families and information to professionals.

Regional Transportation Workgroup in Southeast Ohio

This workgroup strives to improve accessible transportation options in the Southeast Ohio area. Family Support Coordinator, Celia Schloemer, along with other members of this workgroup advocate for accessible taxis in Cincinnati, improved coordination of transportation resources, and finding creative solutions to unmet transportation needs. For more information about this workgroup or to find out how to join, contact Celia Schloemer at or (513) 636-4723.



Family caregivers identify respite, or short-term breaks from caregiving responsibilities, as an important form of family support. UCCEDD has created an in-depth online resource to identify types of respite, how to pay for respite, types of providers, and respite resources. A brochure is also available.